5 om dagen: bistand, Bono og David Brent

Doharunden går tregt, men jeg kjører på med min egen utviklingsrunde:

1. Fra «Forget the World Bank, Try Wal-Mart» av Michael Strong (FLOW) i TCSDaily:

«Other than economic growth, there is no way to double the salaries of a 100 million people (and growing).»

«Charity cannot take place on an adequate scale to solve global poverty.»

«Act locally, think globally: Shop Wal-Mart.»

«When a Mongolian student at a U.S. workshop on globalization heard U.S. college students denounce sweatshops, he shouted: Please give us your sweatshops!»

2. «Please Bono, Stop Heckling and Just Listen» av Andrew Rugasira (Good African Coffee) i Financial Times:

«Pro-aid campaigners argue that providing aid to accountable governments is a means of stimulating their economies. This is nonsense. Giving aid to poor countries and working exclusively through their government agencies makes accountability worse rather than better. It makes the governments more accountable to foreign donors than to their own people.»

«Africa’s only viable and sustainable strategy for economic growth is one based on trade and not aid.»

«For the G8 countries, the continued refusal to open your markets and trade fairly with Africa is not sustainable»

3. «Ghana’s got oil! (Oh No!)» av afrikablogger Ethan Zuckerman:

«The best news about Ghana’s oil may be that there’s not a huge amount of it, and that it’s going to take a long time to get to it»

4. «Welcome to the People’s Republic of Bono» av Brenden O’Neil i Spiked:

«The G8 should be renamed the G9: the pompous U2 singer had a stately presence and an obscene amount of influence at the latest summit.»

«Bono’s rise has been facilitated by the unholy marriage of politics and celebrity. No political campaign seems complete these days without a celebrity fronting it or even forcing it through. As Mick Hume has argued on spiked: ‘As serious public and political life has withered, so celebrity culture has expanded to fill the gap, often with the encouragement of political leaders desperate for some celebrity cover.’»

5. Og så til slutt, Ricky Gervais (aka David Brent) redder Afrika:


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